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Pink Pearl Real Estate is a Low Commission Realtor
Pink Pearl Real Estate is a Low Commission Realtor

  What are the Advantages of Using a Low Commission Realtor or Real Estate Agent?

The most obvious advantage is that you will pay “less” money at closing to your real estate agent.  That is the one helping you to sell your home.  You most likely will pay he full amount for the agent representing the buyer of your home.  So, in the long run more money in your pocket at the end of the sale.  What could possibly be bad about that?  Why would anyone want to pay full commission?  All good questions.

Paying less for Real Estate Services

The main point in paying less for a service is obviously paying less; how many things do you personally pay less for or shop for a discount? Probably quite a bit of you shop around for the best price or a Low commission Realtor/Real Estate Agent.  You may even have experience with buying discount items from a big box store.  Maybe you have shopped in the outlet stores for something.  The common theme is you are buying something that was originally bought in bulk and then sold to you, or it is slightly flawed and sold at a discount.  There are companies out there who specialize in low commissions or set rate commissions; they deal in Bulk.  There are some agencies who offer you a discount when they sell your Home AND help you purchase your new home, sort of lie he buy one get one for less kind of sales.  Then there are the agencies that use “Non-Licensed ” personnel to do some of the work, and the professionals for the work where their license is required.  The Last category, is the agency who understands that selling a home is costly and professionalism is the most important.

Why do Realtors and Real Estate Agents Vary their Fees?

The Real Estate market is like any other market in the world there are high and lows.  The real difference in Real Estate is that a high period for the seller is a low period for the buyer, and vice versa.  The trends of Real estate do not follow the stock market, and they don’t remain consistent through a region, or even a state.  There can even be a couple of neighborhoods that are in one phase where the rest of the City is in the opposite.  So Each Real Estate agency or Broker will be trying to attract your business.  At Pink Pearl Real Estate, we believe each client is unique, each sale is different.  We understand the shifting markets, and many who are trying to sell today, are barely recovering from the last market crash.  Our reason is simple; We want to help people in all of their Real Estate needs.   We offer low commissions real estate agents for full service of some of our sales.   If everyone asked we would probably provide this more, than not.  Someimes you just need to ask.

What are the disadvantages of using a Low Commission Realtor or Real Estate Agent?

Are there really disadvantages to selling for less?  There are some disadvantages depending on how you view things.  Let us look at a few things.  Perhaps you live in a neighborhood where the houses go on the market on Thursday and are sold by Sunday.  Does it make a difference, who you use?  It actually does.  If you get multiple offers on your home you need someone who pays attention to details, someone who can analyze the multiple offers, and give you advice on the best deal.  Do you want someone who is handling, 5 such sales at once of someone who is more dedicated to your particular sale?  Maybe, a firm who helps you deal with your sale instead of just an agent.

 The sale of a Home

The sale of a Home is a Job that is almost 24 hours a day.  Your agent could get a call at 10pm to show your home tomorrow morning.  You need to have an Agent that is able to make some decisions about that call OR you personally have to be available at all of those hours.  Your agency could get a great offer at 10pm and will need to be able to break it down into quick notes that will help you in your decision making; and present that too you in the morning when you are ready.  The contract for a home sale is fairly lengthy, a legal document, and have lots of variables.  Your agent, or Brokerage firm needs to know the ins and outs of each of these Variables, and how they affect your sale.


What services might be left out with a lower commission?

First off let me say that No Agency is going to NOT provide you with the things you need to sell your home.  I would not want to claim that you would be out right harmed by a low commission agency.  Selling a home, is time consuming for an agent and an agency.  However; if two homes are for sale, one is full commission, and one is lower, and calls come in concerning both properties at once human nature will always give priority to the former.  Is your home “Ready to Show”?

Remember the saying about first impressions?

Remember the buyer only get a chance at ONE first impression, and your real estate agent can help you to “Stage” your home for the best 1st impression.  Your agent can help you plan your homes “Curb Appeal”, and all of the extra help can get you a better offer on your home.  Is your home really ready to go on the market?  A dedicated real estate agent can make this assessment for you, price it right, and describe it so it goes on and off the market fast.


Pink Pearl Real Estate

Pink Pearl Real Estate is a Full service Real Estate Brokerage; we are dedicated to helping the people we serve in as many ways as possible.  Giving more for less is definitely what we are about.  Weather it is helping you find a good Mr fixit, some great tips on curb appeal, or even a staging plan, we can and do help.  Do you want an agency who has lots of sellers and buyers, or a smaller firm dedicated to you?  It is Truly your choice.  Watch our Video!

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