How Much Is Your Home Worth


Free Home Evaluation by Pink Pear Real Estate
Free Home Evaluation by Pink Pear Real Estate

How do I find the value of my house or home?

How much are closing costs?

How much can I sell my house for?

How much do you lose selling a house as is?

How much does it cost to sell a house yourself?

How much does it cost to sell a house without a realtor?


How Much is your home worth?

Determining how much is your house worth will result in a quick sale with the most money in the seller’s pocket. Educated buyer will know that your home will not be available on the market for a long time if it is priced right, so they have to hurry up and put an offer. The rest is just the matter of the negotiations. And with a good real estate agent you, the seller, will get yourself a good contract with a satisfying price, ESPECIALLY lately IN SELLER’S MARKET in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

  1. Price Your Home Right:

By pricing your home high when your home goes on the market is a big mistake. You can lose a lot of money and time that in some situations is even more valuable than money. Sellers often think that pricing home high at first, they have a good chance getting what they are asking for. It can be true only for high demand locations when home maybe sold even before going on the market or high above the asking price. When your house is overpriced, the price is dropped couple times; it remains on the market for months it gives reason for the potential buyers think that there is something wrong with that house and they are hesitant to put an offer or simply will bring low ball offers. It all boils down to sellers’ motivation. Sometimes the sellers just want to “test the waters” and if the home does not sell, they just take it of the market. They are not very motivated to sell. The others, need to move asap so they are pressed into time so they understand the importance of pricing home right. They are motivated sellers. Sometimes sellers are strongly motivated but do not understand the reality of the market.

  1. Common Mistakes When Pricing Home:

Home usually represents your personal sentimental value, you made it the way you love, it has personal memories, you built many things with your own hands. Not to mention how much money you had put into your home to make a comfortable living. It hurts to know that the value of your home is lower than you think it should have been. Smart Renovations are still worth making your home comfortable and cozy for you and they should reflect the neighborhood. As seller, it is your decision to have top quality tile and granite counter tops (if it is your preference) in your kitchen where the most homes in the neighborhood have laminate/linoleum type of renovations. Though your home may be the most hunted in the NH, you will not get the equal dollar return on your renovation’s investment.

Another common mistake, the sellers often put too much trust into online information. It is great we now have free access to lots of information. Still the professional help of the human being is more valuable than any online search.  The estimate of home search websites is often wildly inaccurate. A Virginia-area real estate research was conducted and it was compared actual sold prices with predicted online estimates for several hundred homes in the area for the past few years. The research concluded the predictions failed half of the time. Your home value depends on Location, Size, and Condition. Evaluating your home, it is hard to compare the condition of different homes just from online data; it really takes a deeper look.

Consult a real estate agent or realtor in Virginia Beach, Virginia about the best strategy to sell your home fast with the most money in your pocket. The real estate professional will prepare accurate and specific to your neighborhood and property condition Market Analysis to help you to determine the appropriate listing price. The agent will not just look at your neighbors, but also will be seeking out near-identical homes with similar floor plans, square footage, and amenities that sold in the last few months. After presenting the seller a list of similar homes (Sold properties within 3-6 months), the real estate agent can make a pretty realistic estimate of what your home is worth. The numbers may not be what you expected, but listing your home at the right price — based on the today market.

Pink Pearl Real Estate Helps Client Understand All Closing Costs
pricing based on cash out
  1. Determine how much does it cost to sell your house or how much are the closing costs.

When thinking to sell your house carefully weigh all factors in and calculate how much does it cost to sell your house in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Closing costs commonly include: real estate commission (4% – 6% of the sale price), Pre-sale home inspection, home repairs and home staging (if any done), utilities, mortgage payoff, closing costs and additional fees (tax prorations, real estate attorney fees, etc.), capital gains tax (if applies). Lots of Sellers ask if it is worth to do any renovations before selling your home. I say, the best way to go is make your home comfortable for yourself, maintain well and enjoy while living in. When you decide to sell, make Smart Renovations, the cosmetic touches definitely make a big difference for your house sale: paint through, removing extra personal items, deep cleaning, replacing the worn-out carpet, landscape improving if necessary, and your home will be a great candidate for successful sale. If you decide to replace big items like roof, floors, countertops, it is not always profitable when you sell your home. You will be glad if you had your investments returned. I would recommend to put those investments into your next home. You can also consider to save on your listing fee by negotiating the listing commission: there are many brokerage companies now on the market that offer Low Commission Listings services or even flat rate fee: just make sure you choose a brokerage company that is right for you.  Look at money lenders for some answers on selling costs.

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