Negotiation Tips by Pink Pearl Real Estate

Every homeowner and every home buyer would like to get exactly what they want for their real estate transaction.

Remaining Objective is Key

Whether you're a buyer or seller, you will be best served by stepping back and allowing your real estate agent to take the lead in negotiating on your behalf.

If you finally have an offer, the most difficult part of selling your home has just begun. When your agent or buyer comes over and you take a look at that offer, be prepared to be unsatisfied. It's very rare for a first offer to have everything you're looking for.
Only now does the real process of selling your house begin.  There's an art to negotiating with the buyers to get what you want and need. In real estate, negotiations take the form of counteroffers.  You must know what you want. And in the event that you cannot get it, you must also create a tentative fallback position and know the minimum you will accept.

Leave it to the Pros

Working with a qualified agent is important in the negotiation stage.  You should always be involved in behind-the-scenes discussions.  And you should expect your agent to work closely with you to establish your clear set of priorities.  But once you've made your priorities clear and your bottom line terms of profits and details, you can leave the final negotiations to the pros.