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Homes for Sale in Kempsville, Virginia Beach, 23462, 23464

Kempsville has an interesting history and it goes back to 1600s. Its origin starts in colonial times in former Princess Anne County. Presently, it is an urban part of Virginia Beach, the largest city in Virginia Beach area.

Kempsville, originally called Kempe’s Landing (later Kemp’s Landing); the name is after George Kempe, a prominent industrious English immigrant. His land along Eastern Branch of Elizabeth River developed into a port for tobacco shipment and other goods trading.

Kemp’s Landing was later divided into half acre lots and were sold to the public at auction. The new land owners were obligated to build a new dwelling house at least 20 square feet with a brick chimney within three years.

Neighborhood description: Present day Kempsville is a wonderful area to live in the center of Virginia Beach. Kempsville attracts people with its easy access to high ways which makes it quicker to get to the place of work and military bases. It is truly the center of Virginia Beach with close location to Norfolk, Chesapeake, as well as to the Town Center, the great place to shop and dine with friends and family. For those who loves ocean and beach, take 15 minutes car trip to Shore Drive or Ocean Front and you will enjoy beautiful getaway from the city life. Kempsville homes are located in great school district. Kempsville Recreation Center offers lots of sport activities for lots of fun activities for adults, kids and families.
If you are looking to move, Kempsville Neighborhood is quite popular and offers variety of homes in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Kempsville area has population about 130,000 people, most of the residents are the home owners; about one-third of the homes are rented. This neighborhood consists mostly of the families with kids, the median household income is above $60,000. The residents of Kempsville work in such fields as management, healthcare, government agencies, private companies or self-employed. The road and building improving projects in Kempsville come with the great effort to preserve the history and bring better living for people.

Kempsville School District:
 Arrowhead, Kempsville, Fairfield, Kenbridge, Woodstock, Kempsville Meadows, Point O’ View Elementary Schools
 Larkspur, Kempsville Middle Schools
 Kempsville High School
 Other schools: Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School

Go to Virginia Beach Public Schools to find a right school for your child.

Set up your own search for the school you want

Homes description: Kempsville is well established neighborhood in Virginia Beach. The majority of the homes are detached, single-family homes (one or two levels) built between 1955 and 1977. There are also some newer homes built between 1990 and 2018. Most of the residential real estate is owner occupied which indicates stability in the neighborhood. Many of the Homes in Kempsville are established but not old, a lot of the homes are very well kept, updated and renovated now.

The neighborhood offers a variety of the home styles: one- or two-level brick and vinyl ranches, traditional, transitional, colonial style. The sale price depends very much on the year built and the condition of the home.

Kempsville Home facts:
Number of bedrooms: 3 – 5
Number of bathrooms: 1 – 3
Square footage: 1,400 – 3,000
Year Built: 1955 – 2018
Price range: $180,000 - $420,000
Homes for Sale in Kempsville, Virginia Beach, 23462, 23464

These are the names of the streets in Kempsville, Virginia Beach, 23462, 23464:

Old Kempsville Rd, Virginia Beach, 23464
Kenley Rd, Virginia Beach, 23462
Ottawa Rd, Virginia Beach, 23462
Paiute Rd, Virginia Beach, 23462
Pontiac Rd, Virginia Beach, 23462
Gara Rd, Virginia Beach, 23464
Normandy Ave, Virginia Beach, 23464
Rollingwood Arch, Virginia Beach, 23464
Meighan Dr, Virginia Beach, 23464
Glenside Dr, Virginia Beach, 23464
Bellamy Manor Dr, Virginia Beach, 23464
Michaux Ct, Virginia Beach, 23464
Hanover Dr, Virginia Beach, 23464
Brantingham Dr, Virginia Beach, 23464
Carolanne Point Cir, Virginia Beach, 23462
Coventry Cir, Virginia Beach, 23462
Susquehanna Dr, Virginia Beach, 23462
War Admiral Rd, Virginia Beach, 23462
Chatham Lake Dr, Virginia Beach, 23464
Lord Dunmore Dr, Virginia Beach, 23464
Lord George Dr, Virginia Beach, 23464
Lord Dunmore Ct, Virginia Beach, 23464
Aqueduct Ct, Virginia Beach, 23464
Steeplechase Dr, Virginia Beach, 23464
Timberlake Dr, Virginia Beach, 23464
Larry Ave, Virginia Beach, 23462
S Claypool Ct, Virginia Beach, 23464
Baptist Cir, Virginia Beach, 23464
Locke Ln, Virginia Beach, 23464
Aegean Ct, Virginia Beach, 23464
Achilles Dr, Virginia Beach, 23464
Fairfield Blvd, Virginia Beach, 23464
Rolleston Ct, Virginia Beach, 23464
Largo Dr, Virginia Beach, 23464
Rolleston Dr, Virginia Beach, 23464
Hargrove Blvd, Virginia Beach, 23464
Post Oak Dr, Virginia Beach, 23464
Rosecroft St, Virginia Beach, 23464
Post Oak Dr, Virginia Beach, 23464
Old Providence Rd, Virginia Beach, 23464
S Sunland Dr, Virginia Beach, 23464
Hartsdale Rd, Virginia Beach, 23462
Gatwick Dr, Virginia Beach, 23462
Anvers Rd, Virginia Beach, 23462
Falcon Ave, Virginia Beach, 23462
Amberly Rd, Virginia Beach, 23462
Cardamon Dr, Virginia Beach, 23464
Sunnyside Dr, Virginia Beach, 23464
Morgan Trl, Virginia Beach, 23464
Brandywine Dr, Virginia Beach, 23464
Saratoga Cir, Virginia Beach, 23464
Gleneagle Dr, Virginia Beach, 23462
Pinebrook Dr, Virginia Beach, 23462
Southern Pines Dr, Virginia Beach, 23462
Edwin Dr, Virginia Beach, 23462
McGregor Dr, Virginia Beach, 23462
Heather Dr, Virginia Beach, 23462
Larkspur Ct, Virginia Beach, 23462
Hoylake Dr, Virginia Beach, 23462
Par Dr, Virginia Beach, 23462
Pinebrook Dr, Virginia Beach, 23462
Meadows Dr, Virginia Beach, 23462
Deer Lake Dr, Virginia Beach, 23462
Green Valley Dr, Virginia Beach, 23462
Pine Lake Dr, Virginia Beach, 23462
Rock Spring Ct, Virginia Beach, 23462
Blue Lake Ct, Virginia Beach, 23462
Deer Lake Dr, Virginia Beach, 23462
Larkspur Ct, Virginia Beach, 23462
S Parliament Dr, Virginia Beach, 23462
Convention Dr, Virginia Beach, 23462
S Palmyra Dr, Virginia Beach, 23462
Autumn Harvest Dr, Virginia Beach, 23464
Foxboro Lndg, Virginia Beach, 23464
Wickford Lndg, Virginia Beach, 23464
Kittery Dr, Virginia Beach, 23464
King Arthur Dr, Virginia Beach, 23464
Lancelot Dr, Virginia Beach, 23464
Fiona Ln, Virginia Beach, 23464
Avalon Woods Dr, Virginia Beach, 23464
Woodstock Rd, Virginia Beach, 23464

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