Get Your Staging Right With Pink Pearl Real Estate

How to Prepare (Stage) Your Home

To make the biggest impact, stage your home before your listing photos are taken. You want a potential buyer to have the best first impression possible. Remember, buyers typically want to see beautiful landscaping, few (if any) walls that need painting, and rooms where they can envision living out their daily life.  So make it easy for them to see themselves in your home.  Don’t just tidy up: get into spring-cleaning mode. From the kitchen appliances to the windows, everything should be spotless and gleaming.  And don’t forget about the outside: do all the extra touches to the exterior to make people want to come inside.

We Get Your Home Noticed
  • Unique Home Advantages: Before marketing your home, we write up a list of special selling points we think will attract buyers and highlight these items in your ads and during the property showings. Potential advantages include recent renovations, benefits that have been grandfathered into the property, energy-saving windows or insulation and new appliances.
  • Neighborhood Advantages.  We also work with you on creating a list of neighborhood advantages which may include school districts, conveniences to unique shopping districts or ocean areas and other amenities within your neighborhood. Moving into your home is more than just the house itself- we help potential buyers envision the lifestyle in your neighborhood.
Get Ready for the Best Showing

Showing is an especially important part of selling your home.  Pink Pearl Real Estate provides you with helpful tips on how to make your home shine. During the Open House and property visits, the first impression is critical.   Your home should appear spacious, clean, uncluttered and as “impersonal” as possible.  That may mean that you put some of your things in storage during this time.

Working with Margaryta gives you access to her quick and easy STAGING TIPS that help you maximize a great first impression!